7 Hawk4k Folding Drone Review (2018) – Best 4K Camera Foldable Drone

See the world like you have never seen it before and make every picture tell a story! The 7 Hawk4k boasts being the first ever foldable drone in the world that comes with a pre-bundled 4K Camera. It has a super compact state-of-art design. When you set your eyes on the drone, you know instantly that you are about to experience something that’s going to exceed expectations and break all your past records. Tech gurus, critics and drone enthusiasts have highly praised the 7 Hawk4k. So, does it really live up to all that expectations and promises? Let’s find out!

7 hawk4k foldable drone review

7 Hawk4k Folding Drone Review

Foldable Design

The 7 Hawk4k takes pride in being the first and one of the best foldable drones and this is indeed an impressive feature. When the drone is folded, you get a compact design which can be carried inside a travel bag with you wherever you go. Hence, the portable design of the Hawk 4K adds convenience to the drone usability. It also comes handy for all your outdoor adventures. When you are not flying the drone, you can easily fold it and tuck it inside your bag until you reach your next destination where you want to start shooting with it again.

The streamlined curves of the drone along with its flowing design have been thoughtfully included to provide you a considerable reduction in air drag. This also helps the Hawk 4K fly really high and to longer distances in a single charge. The rear design of the drone makes it easier to navigate using the dedicated watch control.

Compact Size

The 7 Hawk4k has been designed with various minute details to make it a state-of-art drone you can rely on for fun and professional use. Each part has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that it takes less space and fits into your every day requirements. You can easily fold the drone and get a compact form which is comparatively less in terms of size and weight. The impressive reduction in overall weight of the drone makes it easier to carry it in your travel case.

7 hawk4k folding drone reviews

Camera Quality

One of the biggest drawing points of the 7 Hawk4k is the fact that it comes with an impressive pre-bundled 4K Camera. This implies that the device is ever ready for any action anywhere anytime. The high quality camera resolution ensures that you get stable high quality still images and the video resolutions of 4K gives you awesome quality high definition videos. In this sense, the 7 Hawk4k sets the bar really high for its competitors!

So, if you are planning to buy a drone to take high quality aerial images and videos then the 7 Hawk4k is an indisputable choice!

Easy Watch Control and ‘Follow me’ Function

The 7 Hawk4k is not just for the professionals but the beginners can fly it too with great convenience. To make it simpler for the average users, the manufacturer has added simple watch control feature. So, you get a dedicated watch to have easy control over the flight of the drone and this makes flying the drone super easy and fun!

You don’t have to rack your brains with complicated apps or bulky gadgets anywhere. You can wear the watch and go hands free while controlling the drone with ease.

Another amazing feature of the drone is the ‘Follow Me’ functionality and this feature comes really handy when you are planning to go hiking, rock climbing or snowboarding.  You can set the Hawk 4K to an easy ‘Follow Me’ mode and this functionality will automatically lock on the watch tracker to follow you wherever you go. You can later play the video to enjoy the journey or see how you can improve your game!

So, you don’t have to guide or give instructions to the drone to follow your path. The easy to use ‘Follow Me’ functionality does it for you with great ease!

7 hawk4k folding drone

Dedicated App Control

The Hawk 4K can be controlled with its dedicated Android and iOS app, which allow the users to make the best use of the various features of the drone. The app can be easily downloaded from the App Store, and the various features and functions of the app can be used to capture beautiful images and do live video recording.

Great Picture Quality and Live Video Streaming

The 360 rotating camera enables you to capture extraordinary images and videos with ease. It works great to shoot professional quality short films with great clarity. You may use the app to connect your drone with your smartphone or tablet and get live video feeds to see the action right in front of your eyes. It works great to capture the perfect aerial videos for special occasions in your life!

Downsides of the 7 Hawk4k Foldable Drone

Although the watch control is impressive and offers freedom from bulky gadget controls, some users have complained that it is difficult to understand and operate. It is also slow to respond at times, which further leads to lag in time.

The user manual that comes with the drone has been translated from another language hence some of the instructions may not be very clear. Some users have complained that the instructions to set up and fly the drone are not explained clearly which makes the set up difficult.


Overall, the 7 Hawk4k is a high quality and feature rich foldable drone that is clearly built for the professionals. The features are slightly complicated but you get a hang of them with regular use and practice. The unique design, state-of-art features, and easy watch control makes this drone stand up and above the competition.

As far as the price goes, the 7 Hawk4k offers a really good deal considering the fact that it comes with a pre-bundled 4K camera and smartwatch control. The amazing features that come with the drone, and the great picture quality and live streaming videos make this product a real winner!

If you are looking for a high quality yet easy to use and affordable drone for your outdoor adventures then the 7 Hawk4k makes a recommended buy!

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