Kingtoys Nano X31 Mini Quadcopter Folding Drone Review (2018)

Drones have become quite advanced these days, with many of them equipped with high tech features and high definition cameras. The camera is used to take aerial images and videos while the user flies his drone over beautiful landscapes and mountains. Although this sounds really good, there’s no denying that additional activities such streaming live videos or taking aerial selfies somewhere down the line dilutes the core pleasure of flying a drone.

So, if you are a pure drone enthusiast who does not want to be distracted from the act of flying the drone by any other extra activity then the Kingtoys Nano X31 Folding Drone is the product for you. The package comes with a Quadcopter, one Transmitter, one USB charger and one user manual.

The Kingtoys Nano X31 Folding Drone is a mini drone quadcopter, but do not get carried away by its mini stature as the drone is capable of delivering an incredible performance. The mini drone has been manufactured by the well known toy company – the Kingtoys, which is famous for creating tech-oriented toys for to give users lots of fun both indoors and outdoors.

kingtoys nano x31 mini drone quadcopter review

Kingtoys Nano X31 Mini Drone Quadcopter Review

Easy To Operate And Control

The Kingtoys Nano X31 Folding Drone is easy to operate as the instructions laid down in the manual is pretty clear. You can set it up within minutes and start flying the toy using the remote that comes with it. As this is a remote controlled drone, we would suggest that you acclimatize yourself with the various functions of the remote before taking the drone outdoors.

We like the ‘one key return’ function that comes really handy for the beginners. If you are flying a drone for the first time, this is one button that you must remember. If the drone goes out of your control range or you suspect high winds or any disturbance that might potentially damage your drone, you just need to click on the return function key to get the drone return back home.

The drone features 6-axis gyro that means you get highly stable flying and it is extremely easy to control as well. The remote control can be used to easily give flight commands such as forward, backward, ascend, descend, right sideward fly, left sideward fly and rolling 360 degerees.

If you still have any questions regarding the flight after reading the manual, we would suggest that you watch a few videos on YouTube to get a clear idea of how to fly the drone.

Lightweight Airframe And Highly Portable

The Kingtoys Nano X31 has a light airframe and it can be folded to become compact in size. As the drone is so light in weight and easily foldable, it can be carried in a travel bag with ease. If you are going for a hiking trip or day adventure, we would recommend that you take this fun drone with you. This drone can also be used in parks for fun and enjoyment with the entire family.

Although the drone has a light airframe, this does not mean that the reliability or stability of the drone is compromised. The overall built of the drone is of professional level and it is also very durable.

The drone comes with LED lights that make it easier to fly the UAV at night. The LED lights illuminate the drone making it easily visible during the dark.

kingtoys nano x31 mini folding drone

Good Performance At An Affordable Price

If you thought only expensive drones could deliver good performances then the Kingtoys Nano X31 will change that concept. The price of this mini quadcopter is way less than the sophisticated high end UAVs, however the performance has not been compromised. You get really good flight range and the remote control features are pretty awesome to give you an amazing experience flying the drone.

When fully charged, you can get as much as 9 minutes of flying time, which is not bad at all. To enjoy multiple flights, we would suggest that you take a power bank with you that can quick charge your quadcopter faster than you think.

Downsides of the Kingtoys Nano X31 Folding Drone

The battery is built-in so you cannot use any replacement batteries. This could be an obstacle in your outdoor fun as a fully charged battery gives only 9 minutes of flight time on one charge.

The remote feels a little cheap quality when you hold it but it does its job well. The one hit return key also works pretty good.

The mini quadcopter does not include a camera. Although you cannot expect a camera at this price, the lack of this feature means the product may not appeal to all buyers.

It lacks the advanced features which make it more like a toy and less like a serious quadcopter. But then, it was meant to be that way!

kingtoys nano x31 mini rc drones review


Overall, we feel that the Kingtoys Nano X31 Folding Drone is a fun a light drone for the beginners, especially kids who want to fly a quadcopter like a pro. It is a wonderful toy you can play with your little ones in the park. The fun drone gives your kid a wonderful reason to go outdoors and play, so it is definitely a good purchase for kids. It is so light that you can conveniently carry it with you wherever you go.

This is clearly not a professional’s choice but then it was never meant to be. The lack of camera and various other advanced features can be forgiven because the price of the drone is quite low. It fulfills the dream of the average consumer who wants to own a drone but he does not have the liberty to spend a lot of money buying a high-tech expensive drone.

The best part about flying this mini pocket drone is that it is a no-brainer and you don’t have to make any adjustments before the flight. You simply need to unfold this foldable drone, set it up to take off within minutes and enjoy the flight!

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