Yuneec Mantis Q is the Latest Voice-Controlled Foldable Drone of the Year

While DJI has successfully grabbed the majority of stakes in the folding drones industry, which only increased with their launch of DJI Mavic Air, there are other manufacturers who are also giving it their all to have a slice of the pie. Yuneec is one of those drone manufacturers and they recently released the Yuneec Mantis Q, a foldable drone that it is a perfect companion you can take on your adventures.

At first glance, the drone looks really stunning and it really says that the company had been working on it for a while. You may obviously end up comparing it with other popular portable drones like the Mavic Air or the Parrot Anafi, but it doesn’t change the fact that Yuneec is still there to provide you with awesome options when selecting a new drone. There’s also a unique feature that will make you choose the Mantis Q and that is the voice control feature that lets you control the drone using just your voice. It, however, remains to be seen how these voice controls work and if they are actually efficient once the drone’s available to the public.

You can check out the video below showcasing all the top features of the drone:

Yuneec Mantis Q – The Specs:

The first and foremost feature of the drone is the foldable design where you can neatly fold the arms to reduce the size and carry it with you wherever you go without any difficulties. This makes it a good companion for your travels and to document your journey.

However, there are certain letdowns as well like the 3-axis digitally stabilized gimbal. Notice the lack of “mechanical arms”, it means that the entire stabilization of the drone is controlled by a software which results in some shaking in the video footage shot. The drone, however, is capable of shooting videos with quality ranging from 720p to 4K at 13MP!

It also feature intelligent flight modes including the Journey Mode, Point of Interest and Return Home.

  • Journey Mode: The Mantis Q will fly upward in a linear path, based upon the desired settings, before returning to the starting point resulting in stunning shots.
  • Point of Interest: While in this mode, you can select an object and the drone will circle it automatically.
  • Return Home: This feature is really useful as you can make the drone automatically return to the point near takeoff and land safely with a click of a button.

The Yuneec Mantis Q comes with a controller allowing you to better maneuver the drone, but it’s really worrisome that the drone’s range is less than its contemporaries. The drone operates over a WiFi transmission signal and the range is around 1.5 km only (about 1 mile) whereas DJI’s Mavic Air and Mavic Pro has a much better flight range.

There are other features available that at least make the drone look good like the 33 minutes of flight time (not tested in real world conditions), visual tracking, voice controls, face detection and instant sharing, and it is capable of reaching a top speed of 72km/h when in Sports Mode.

Yuneec Mantis Q – Pricing

The drone is available in two different versions and is already available for pre-order. So, if it’s available in your country, you can place your order at right now:

  • Mantis Q – $499.99: Mantis Q, controller, one battery, spare propellers (one set) three-port charger, power and USB cable.
  • Mantis Q (X Pack) – $649.99: Mantis Q, controller, three batteries, travel shoulder bag, spare propellers (one set), three-port charger, power and USB cable.

Note: The X-Pack will be available later this year!

How Does Yuneec Mantis Q Compare to the Competition?

At this point of time, there isn’t much information available to give a solid idea of how, or whether, it comes close to the big boys of the drone industry.

But if we look at the features and specs that we already know about the drone, it doesn’t come close to what Mavic Air or Parrot Anafi or even Autel Evo has to offer. They all have their own unique features that give each other a challenge, and that’s what seems to be lacking with Yuneec Mantis Q. However, we just have to wait and see how the drone performs in real world conditions before giving a final judgement.

So what do you think about this new portable drone? Do let us know your views about the Yuneec Mantis Q in the comments section below!

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