ZEROTECH Dobby Mini Pocket Drone Review – FPV Selfie Drone (2018)

Selfies will never be the same again with the new age small drones! The cutting edge small camera drones are taking the market by storm. They are no more meant just for light fun use but they allow high quality aerial photography to make those special occasions look extra special! Today we will review ZEROTECH Dobby Mini Pocket Drone built by a company that is a market leader in smart UAVs and smart drones.

The Dobby Mini Pocket Drone has been marketed as a small drone meant for taking high quality aerial selfies. Let’s see how its features are placed to make the drone live up to its promise.

The mini drone comes with an amazing 4K video and 13 megapixel camera to take crisp and clear photos from above. This is an easy to set up foldable drone that takes only 3 seconds to be ready to fly in order to take high quality professional looking pictures.

The Dobby is an app controlled drone and the app comes with numerous functions such as target following, one key to share, face recognition, one key beauty, tap to taking off, one key taking off, gravity sense control and voice control. The flyer gets real time view of what the drone is photographing or recording from above.

The drone features a 6 Axis Gyro that gives it extra stability and GPS support offers better positioning, good tracking of flight path and quick return to home feature. It comes equipped with a lightweight 7.6V 970mAh LiPo 2S battery that delivers good performance.

zerotech dobby mini pocket drone review

ZEROTECH Dobby Mini Pocket Drone Review

Powerful hardware and processor

ZEROTECH Dobby comes equipped with a powerful Snapdragon 801 processor that fuels your passion of taking videos outdoor. If you want the drone to fly on auto mode then the Adreno 330 GPU makes it possible. It also features a reliable Quad core 2.3GHz CPU. You can use a smartphone instead of a remote to control the flight of your drone. You just need to download an app, connect your smartphone to a WiFi connection and you are good to go.

The Snapdragon 801 processor offers several brilliant features such as target following flight, voice manipulation, face and gesture recognition. Considering the fact that Dobby is a small UAV, the distance you get over remote control is not too long but it is good enough for beginners. The advanced or professional users might find it a bit lacking though.

When it comes to performance, you can rely on the experience and expertise of ZEROTECH for its solid fight control algorithm. To sum up the processor and hardware part, the advanced flight control, image transmission, computer vision, and electronic image stabilization have been seamlessly integrated into the Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Battery life

This mini pocket drone comes with a 970mAh replaceable battery, which supports about 9 minutes of flight time when fully charged. As the drone is powered by Snapdragon 801 processor, you can easily fast charge it using a power bank. So, you can take your drone with you on a vacation without having to worry about battery draining out!

zerotech mini dobby pocket drone review

Camera quality

ZEROTECH Dobby is promoted as a mini drone for taking selfies from high above hence the 13 MP camera quality is good enough to give you stable and blur free images. It has a unique triaxial stabilization system to ensure the stability of images. The camera lens can be positioned between vertical downward 90° and 22.5° upward. The maximum resolution of the images is 4208 x 3120, and the ISO range is 100-3200. The video boasts a 4K resolution and it comes with a 16 GB storage capacity

You can use your Dobby mini drone not only to take beautiful solo pictures but it can also be used to click multiple images and apply other shooting modes for better photography. The camera supports auto beautification and it can conveniently shoot a 10 seconds video automatically, hence it is a good selfie device.

Superb Foldable Design

ZEROTECH Dobby mini pocket drone is one of the new age foldable drones that you can actually carry in your pocket while taking a stroll in the park. The 5.5″ size is almost the same as a smartphone. You just need to unfold the mini UAV, press three times on the top and it will be up and running in no time.

The take off feature of this drone is so convenient that you can actually make it fly right from your palm. The voice control feature may also be used to make it fly. Apart from the take-off and landing control buttons, there also exists a ‘pet style’ operation mode.

zerotech dobby mini selfie pocket drone review

Downsides of the ZEROTECH Dobby Mini Pocket Drone:

The battery is quite expensive and it is difficult to get parts (blades and blade guards) for the drone if they get damaged.

Some customers have complained that they lost connection with the drone while using the WiFi mode and the drone flew out of range in a heartbeat. So, we would recommend that you be extra careful when flying the drone outdoors for the first time.


Despite a few downsides, the Dobby mini drone by Zerotech ranks high in our review and we give it full marks for performance and features. The drone can be easily folded into a compact form and carried in the pocket, so it gets full marks for portability too. It is the perfect companion for day trips and hiking adventures and you can set it up within minutes to start shooting beautiful photos and videos. Just make sure you carry extra batteries with you or a power bank to fast charge within minutes. The image and video quality is absolutely fantastic, both indoors and outdoors.

Overall, this is a good drone for the beginners as the professionals may find it a bit lacking in technology and features. Average users will have a great time using this drone to take beautiful aerial selfies and videos. At this price, you get more features than you can expect. It is definitely a great buy!

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